Dog walking (30 & 60 mins):
Safe, reliable walks with an isured profesional. We believe consistancy is important and we try to have the same walker for your dog as much as we can. We offer both solo and social walks (social walks depending on if days/times/location and temperment line up with others). Walks give your dog plenty of time to explore the naighborhood and get business done. 

Dog sitting:
Dog sitting is available in the client’s home. Your pup will never have to leave the comfort of his or her space. This includes at least three walks a day, feedings, and hang out sessions.

Kitty Visits:
Available for when you're away, your cat will get fed, fresh water, and litter box clean up. Any additional time will be spent playing, brushing, or pets.

Grooming: Our grooming service is a one on one low stress experience. We use top of the line products and customize to your dogs coat needs, and they’ll leave here smelling delicious.